Careers at NebulOS

NebulOS is a fast growing startup focused in two of the hottest areas in enterprise – ERP Process Mining and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Our enterprise grade solution not only provides transparency into our customers processes, such as Procure to Pay and Order to Cash, but also delivers the ability to automate many of their current manual processes by leveraging our RPA platform.


Our Culture

  • Flex Schedules – Our preference is to have everyone in our offices. We know and understand the demands of family, personal life and those unexpected times throughout the year. This is why we allow our employees to create their schedules as long as they are productive. When it comes to the success of the business, we care about our teams and the success created from their hard work and results.
  • The New Friday: Thursday is our Friday here at NebulOS. Enjoy an early break from the day and gather in the conference room at 3PM for a beer/wine to catch up on company news and events. Then head home…to start thinking of that weekend.
  • Events and Outings: Once a month, we will try to gather the troops for a happy hour / dinner to mingle socially with teams. Enjoy the downtime aspects of what makes NebulOS, well…NebulOS! Enjoy the company, conversation and next great idea over drinks and food.
  • Vacation? Yes, we know everyone wants or needs a vacation. Just take it! Really! Get out of here for a week or two! Take time as needed, seriously, we are all adults and are accountable for our time. So, take the time, enjoy the family, recharge on a beach or some other adventure, we insist. Take care of you, because when you are at your best, you make NebulOS the best! We want and care about productivity and encourage it, however you may get there.
  • Fridays are Free: Stay home or come into the office, your choice. Take the day with family, friends, whatever works. Or, back in the office to catch up or continue without that added distractions over the watercooler. Four-day work weeks are enough time to be productive and focus on NebulOS! We place this day under your management, do it right and enjoy the weekend!
  • Balance: We value work / life balance. Our employees are more productive and happier! We are all tempted to work late nights and weekends because, hopefully you love what you do. No need to burn out or fade away! Balance the flame, burn NebulOS consistently every day and take the time to be healthy, enjoy family and sleep. Because every day is a NebulOS day to grow and create.
  • Respect: We are here because we have spent years working hard to achieve greatness in our chosen path. We’re certain that every opinion and perspective has merit, even if we don’t agree with it. Approaching discussions with humility and an open mind virtually guarantees learning something new or appreciating a problem from a new perspective. And that in turn leads to better outcomes. Respect the hotness of NebulOS.
  • Do it Right: Seize the quality within yourself and do it right! We insist on high quality and technically sound solutions. Years of building solutions in the enterprise markets have given us a singular appreciation for doing things the right way. We embrace the challenge of building future solutions that free our clients of the day to day obstacles slowing their business.
  • Reach High: The world is moving faster than ever. NebulOS engineers are here to help it move faster with continuity and scale. We value curiosity, creativity, and especially ambition!

Open Positions

Inside Sales Representative

You are an outgoing, highly motivated Inside Sales Representative who is a self-starting team player, committed to delivering results. Knowledge of ERP systems, Process Mining and Robotic Process Automation put you to the top of the list. You will also have experience growing a territory and closing new customers. You will be a key player in shaping the company's growth for 2021.