Why ERP Process Mining is a MUST for Large Enterprises

As early as May 2020, almost 40% of all RPA projects failed due to a fundamental misunderstanding of their existing business processes:

  • More than 60% of enterprise-wide business processes were not strictly followed
  • Roughly one-third of processes were not fully defined 
  • More than one-third of RPA candidates were later deemed too complex to automate

With time and materials wasted, ERP users want to know more about how Process Mining large enterprises improve efficiencies and drive revenue. iFLO by NebulOS helps streamline: 

  • Automatic, existing process discovery
  • Process analyses 
  • Easier identification of RPA candidates

Find out how NebulOS’s iFLO can easily fulfill these needs! Download the paper today>>


White Paper Download: What is Process Mining
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